Denchem – Jacking pipe for Aggressive Environments


Naylor Denchem jacking pipes are part of the Thermachem range of products for resistance to aggressive chemicals and thermal shock.

Denchem is a jacking pipe designed for trenchless installation that is manufactured from a chemical and thermal shock resistant material and forms part of the Thermachem range of products. The pipes can be installed by trenchless installation techniques including auger boring and pipe bursting. The material is a highly advanced chemical stoneware manufactured from a ball clay and added minerals including silica and alumina which provide several benefits when used in aggressive environments including:

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals in the full pH scale – pH0 to pH14
  • Resistance to constant thermal shock of up to 120 degrees Celsius
  • High strength, allowing for use in heavily trafficked areas
  • Long design life, often in excess of 50 years
  • No loss of strength, form or resistance properties during the product life span

The use of chemical and thermal shock resistant jacking pipes opens up a world of possibility for the installation of drainage systems under existing buildings and infrastructure with minimum disruption to ongoing operations. This makes Denchem an ideal solution for retrofit applications where existing drainage materials have failed due to chemical attack or thermal shock.

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