Enviroflow Drainage And Filtration Units


The Naylor Enviroflow provides a unique solution for land drainage, ground stabilisation, green infrastructure and filtration solutions that are proven to be technically superior to traditional systems. Made from 100% recycled thermoplastics, the Enviroflow product is a permanent solution that does not clog, is easy to install and handle, requires little to no maintenance and is high strength and long lasting. Whether you are looking for a more efficient solution for drainage, water treatment, ground stabilisation, retention/detention, or permeable paving, Enviroflow has a solution for you!

Please note, Enviroflow is not legal for Waste Water drainfields.

Enviroflow Planks

The Enviroflow Planks are a permanent  ground stabilisation solution superior to traditional drainage, ground stabilisation, and green infrastructure systems for a wide range of industries. The product’s high-void structure allows for a drainage capacity and structural stability greater than stone or pipe. Fast and easy to install, Enviroflow uses advanced capillary action to redirect stormwater in any direction, without clogging.

Additional Information

ENVIROFLOW has been subjected to extensive testing over the years to confirm its use in the following situations:

School Sports Field & General drainage

Keep facilities maintenance costs down and school grounds looking green using Enviroflow Planks for playground and sports field drainage; reduced disruption during installation and lower long term maintenance upkeep.

Commercial Sports & practice grounds

Simple and economic to install and prevents settlement, compaction, migration and drying out of the top surface.

Permeable Block Paving bases

Replaces thousands of tonnes of aggregate under permeable parking areas, driveways etc. and provides a stable porous base that doesn’t clog and needs no geotextile to protect it.

Golf – Fairways, Bunkers

Ideal for bunker drainage and the treatment of wet spots on the fairway and doesn’t dry out like French drains to leave barren grass strips.

Residential Drainage

Enviroflow provides a stable and simple fully porous base for driveways beneath permeable paving in accordance with the latest Government advice and is a very cost effective method of draining waterlogged gardens.

Equestrian Surfacing for Stables and Arenas

When Enviroflow is used as a base for stables, ménages and arenas it provides a comfortable base to protect joints and allowing fluids to flow through and provide insulation from concrete floors. It can also be used to drain entire fields with a layout similar to a land drain.

French Drains

Although Enviroflow is an economic and superior alternative to French drains it can also be used as a silt control layer to dramatically reduce maintenance for existing systems.

Green Roofs & Roof Gardens

Lightweight & easy to install Enviroflow saves on construction costs and provides a controlled growth environment. It can also be trafficked during construction thus minimising delay to build schedules.

Airport Runways, Roadways, Railways & Driveways
Enviroflow can provide a structural drainage layer to surfaces allowing filtered water from above to be directed horizontally, to be collected by vertical units at the edge of the area.

Embankment Stabilisation

Enviroflow is a high void high strength solution for draining and de-watering embankments to prevent land slip.

Retaining Wall Dewatering

Structures, bridges, basements etc. can use a single layer of Enviroflow to collect and move water away from vulnerable areas.

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Enviroflow Plank

Product code

65300 - Enviroflow Drainage and Filtration units


Made from 100% recycled thermo-plastics
Typical Application
Silt Filtration and Smart Sponge
1000mm x 220mm x 45mm
Pack Qty

Enviroflow Filtration box

Product code

65302 - Enviroflow Filtration box


Made from 100% recycled thermo-plastics
Typical Application
Filtration box to capture silts above 28 microns
Filter Box (0.55m x 0.45m x 0.7m)
Pack Qty