Smart Sponge® Plus System


Apart from the standard Smart Sponge® there is also Smart Sponge® PLUS used for hydrocarbon removal. Smart Sponge® PLUS has all the features of being able to remove hydrocarbons as well as being the only non-toxic, fully recyclable filtration system that destroys bacteria at street level.

The presence of bacteria in stormwater is a serious problem and poses significant health risks that increasingly result in the contamination of water bodies. The greatest opportunity to reduce this bacterial count is during rain events through the control and treatment of stormwater run-off. This can be achieved by the Smart Filter® system fitted with Smart Sponge® PLUS which can also be adapted and used as part of a full treatment system for Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO’s).

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Smart Sponge® PLUS for Hydrocarbon removal

  • Smart Sponge® PLUS dramatically reduces coliform bacteria found in stormwater, industrial wastewater and municipal wastewater
  • Smart Sponge® PLUS can be engineered using controlled test parameters (such as modifying flow rates and coliform bacteria concentration) to meet your performance requirements
  • Smart Sponge® PLUS is designed to assist water systems to meet Total Maximium Daily Load Limits (TMDLs) for coliform bacteria
  • When properly installed and maintained Smart Sponge® PLUS provides a significant reduction in coliform bacteria

Smart Sponge® PLUS – has all the features of standard Smart Sponge as well as the dual action capability of destroying disease-causing micro-organisms from surface water such as:

  • Aspergillus Niger
  • Trichophyton Mentagrophytes
  • Penicillium Pinophilum
  • Chaetomium Globosum
  • Trichoderma Virens
  • Aureobasidium Pullulans
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Salmonella
  • Streptococcus
  • Enterococci

Environment Agency laboratory tests confirmed a 99.9% removal of E. Coli and 99.5% reduction for Enterococci with a Smart Sponge® Plus treatment train, clearly demonstrating its effectiveness in achieving Log 1 and Log 2 reduction levels.

Roger Goulding – National Advisor, EA

“We’ve looked at the capability of Smart Sponge® Plus to remove bacteria from urban streams and drainage affecting bathing waters. Following dramatic successes in the laboratory, field trials have shown potential for it to work, if silt and sediment can be successfully removed before the treatment train.”


In the Smart Sponge® PLUS, the anti-microbial agent is chemically and permanently bound to the polymer surface and serves to control fungi, static odour and mildew.

The anti-microbial mechanism is based on the agent’s electromagnetic interaction with the micro-organism cell membrane, causing the micro-organism disruption but no chemical or physical change in the agent.

Anti-microbial activity does not reduce the agent capability or cause its depletion and, therefore, maintains long-term effectiveness.

Test results demonstrated the maximum bacterial removal rates of Smart Sponge® PLUS in both dry and wet weather sampling for fecal coliform ranged from 89.4 to 99.6 percent; and for Enterococcus, 96.2 to 99.9 percent.

 Contaminants Concentration Range P.S.D d50 Performance Filter bed depth
 Oil & Grease  >100ppm  –  >95%  > 100mm
 >100ppm  –  >95%  > 100mm
 E.coli  1×103 CFU*/100ml  –  > 90%  >1.5m
 Fecal Coliform  1×103 CFU*/100ml  –  > 90%  >0.9m
 Enterococcus  1×104 CFU*/100ml  –  > 90%  >0.9m
 Total Coliforms  1×104 CFU*/100ml  –  > 90%  >1.5m
 TSS  100-300ppm  >15µ  > 80%  >1.5m
 TSS  >100ppm  >100µ  > 80%  >0.6m
 T. Phosphorous   >15µ  > 40%  >1.5m

* Colony Forming Units