Smart Sponge®


Standard Smart Sponge® used for oil filtration & pathogen removal is a world first, a completely unique technology – a true absorbent which absorbs then locks in polluting hydrocarbons and oil derivatives from surface water effectively, while still allowing high flow through rates.

Smart Sponge® Technology has whole host of environmental, money saving uses in every area of water contamination and can absorb up to FIVE times its own weight of hydrocarbons depending on viscosity, transforming the contaminant into a solid waste with lower disposal costs. Just as effective for land-based or floating spills, Smart Sponge’s® flexibility, effectiveness, eco-friendliness and great value have made it one of the most desired sorbents on the market.

Developed for the oil industry, Smart Sponge® is the only non-toxic, fully recyclable contract media system that destroys bacteria and absorbs hydrocarbons on contact.

Smart Sponge® contains a unique molecular structure that is chemically selective to hydrocarbons, it fully encapsulates the oil, preventing absorbed oil from leaching and is also capable of removing low levels of oil from water, thereby successfully removing sheen.

Additional Information


With the introduction of the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) there is a duty on the UK Government to achieve certain objectives with regard to the protection of the quality of stormwater bodies throughout the UK. The WFD was brought into force in October 2000 and the Government signed up to achieve “good” water status by 2015! Work is underway at DEFRA, the EA and other responsible bodies to achieve this. One of the priority pollutants identified within a WFD list was hydrocarbons and Smart Sponge® is able to help meet the requirements of the WFD to remove this and other pollutants.


Water contamination and pollution, in particular by oil or hydrocarbons, has become a major environmental issue. Smart Sponge® is a cost-effective solution for pathogen removal, removing hydrocarbons from flowing water and an effective solution for hydrocarbon removal within stormwater – specifically for airports, highways, marinas, boats, beaches and industrial premises.

Smart Sponge® applications are able to remove up to 95% of all oil contaminants present in stormwater run-off. The Smart Sponge®technology remains buoyant in calm or agitated water, allowing it to remain in place until fully saturated and resulting in no wasted product.

Once saturated Smart Sponge® is not only non-leaching but can be used successfully within Waste for Energy schemes. Smart Sponge® technology dramatically reduces maintenance costs whilst increasing effectiveness – transforming pollutants into a stable solid waste for easy recycling either as a waste to fuel energy or a landfill waste. Smart Sponge® waste to energy finalises the closed-loop solution with the spent Smart Sponge® creating 10000-18000 BTU dependent on viscosity.

Did you know…?

Smart Sponge® can also be used as an antimicrobial technology capable of destroying disease-causing microorganisms from surface water such as E-Coli, Streptococcus and Enterococci to name but a few. This makes Smart Sponge® Plus  ideal for industrial locations (supermarkets, food preparation factories etc) to clean up effluent flow.

Our new Smart Sponge® HM  can also be used as a final polisher to remove even trace levels of Heavy Metals for compliance purposes.

Economic Advantages

  • Dramatic cost savings for oil interceptor/separator maintenance
  • Fast economic solution for oil contamination
  • Far more economic than conventional pollution control
  • Considered best available technology and BMP

The benefits of Smart Sponge®

  • Eliminates rainbow sheen in water
  • Absorbs 3-5 times its weight in fuel, oil and grease
  • Permanently encapsulates oil, petrol and diesel fuel
  • Oils will not leach or leak
  • Transforms pollutant into a stable solid waste
  • Does not absorb water
  • Used product can be recycled as an energy source
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Closed-loop recycling programme
  • Remains completely buoyant
  • Removes up to 95% of the hydrocarbons present in stormwater run-off