Design and Installation

Naylor can provide a range of information to aid with the design and installation of Thermachem drainage systems.

The full Thermachem brochure can be downloaded using the link on the right hand side which includes further details on flow rates, bedding design, trench excavation, pipe laying, testing and backfilling.

Naylor pipes are manufactured to the EN-295 standard and as such meet the minimum requirements for internal diameters, crushing strength, water absorption rates and air and water tightness – even under deflection and shear loads. If you need more information on the specification of our pipes including parameters required for EN-295 or pipe OD and weights please get in touch.

For details of chemical resistance please refer to the chemical resistance page.

Technical Support

Naylor provides a specification and technical support service. Please contact us on 01226 794056 or if you have any questions.