Plastic Drainage Jointing Instructions


The Naylor MetroDrain Premium Drainage System is easily cut to length using a coarse toothed saw or jigsaw. Cuts should be made between the corrugations on the pipe. Before jointing, the pipe ends should be cleared of all sharp edges and dirt.


Naylor lubricant should be applied to the sealing ring and pipe end. The sealing ring is then located between the first and second corrugation on the pipe.

Connector or fitting

Ensure the inside of the connector or fitting is clean and then apply Naylor lubricant. The connector or fitting should then be pushed over the seal and on to the pipe ensuring all surfaces are kept clean during this process. It is often easier to start this process with the pipe at a slight angle.

The Connector

The pipe should be pushed fully onto the connector or fitting until it reaches the stays within the connector or fitting. This can be done by hand or using timber as shown on the larger diameters.

Ensure that the alignment of the pipes is correct and that there is no excessive angular deflection.