Product Specification

Quality Assurance

Naylor Drainage manufactures its products under the control of an approved Quality Assurance System complying with the requirements of BS EN9002: 2008. Naylor Drainage Ltd is a Registered Firm of Assessed Capability (BSI Certificate No. FM1420).

Third Party Assurance

Denlok® is Third Party Certified by:

BSI UK Kitemark Licence No 20173.

CE07 in accordance with Directive 93/68/EC.

MPA NRW Germany – Licence No 210001169-01-01

PSB Singapore – Licence No 02235

CPRU Brunei – Licence No STD3/003

Ashgal – Qatar

Manilla Water – Philippines

BENOR Belgium – Licence No 023

CE Conformity

Naylor Drainage Vitrified Clay Pipe conforms to European Standard: EN 295-10.

Seal Design and Function

The seals are designed as a sliding seal that is located in the pipe end rebate. No lubricant is required on either the seal or stainless steel sleeve as lubricant is enclosed within the sliding mantel. As the male spigot is inserted into the female sleeve the seal is compressed creating a positive 5 bar internal and external pressure.

The mantel rolls over the seal during jointing reducing friction to a minimum and acts as a cushion between the spigot and sleeve limiting differential movement under transverse shear loads once the joint is completed. The design optimises joint performance and provides an exceptionally high level of operational reliability. Seals are available in either EPDM or Nitrile certified to EN681- 1.

Component Specification

All Denlok® pipes and assemblies are manufactured in accordance with

BS EN295-7 2013

‘Requirements for vitrified clay pipes and joints for pipe jacking’

Denlok® pipes and joint assemblies are manufactured in accordance with

BS EN12889: 2000

‘Trenchless construction and testing of drains and sewers’