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Naylor International - Thermachem Pipe installation

The Naylor Industries product ranges are exported worldwide.  We sell to over 15 European Countries via our central export organisation, Naylor International.  Further afield, we have a network of over 20 licensed distributors who are active in Asia, Australasia, Africa and the Middle East.

The following is a list of products available for export Worldwide:

  • Densleeve (DN100-300) – Plain ended system with easy push-fit polypropylene coupling.  Ideally suited for building drainage.  Complemented by a range of access/inspection fittings
  • Denseal Plus (DN200-700) – A high performance system for civil engineering projects with push-fit stainless steel sleeves
  • Denlok (DN150-700) – Jacking pipes for trenchless installation
  • Thermachem Pipes (DN100-600) – and Industrial Ceramics – High performance pipes and chemical stoneware products for use in aggressive environments
  • Band-Seal Couplings (DN28-3000) – Versatile, flexible couplings for jointing pipes in a variety of materials
  • Twinwall Duct (32-300mm) – A complete ducting system manufactured to BS EN50086.2.4.  Available in coils or 6m lengths
  • Rigid Smooth Bore Duct – MetroSmooth HDPE electric cable duct from 32-103mm.  Available in coils or 6m lengths.
  • Access Boxes, Covers and Frames – HDPE chamber sections manufacured in one piece for high strength/rigidity.  Identical sections are stacked to obtain the required height
  • Land Drainage (60-160mm) – HDPE available perforated and unperforated.  Kite marked to BS4962 or general purpose as required
  • Twinwall Drain (100-600mm) – HDPE filter twinwall pipes in 6m lengths.  Available kite marked (MetroDrain) or general purpose (N-Drain)
  • Road Gullies – Various sizes available together with adaptors and connector pipes
  • Fabrications – A comprehensive fabrications service produces complementary items such as chambers and catch pits

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