Clay Drainage

Clay Drainage Pipes

Naylor Industries have been manufacturing quality clay pipes for over 100 years and continue to invest in new products, technology and our people to enable us to remain a market leader in our sector.

We are very proud of our extensive range of clay sewer pipes that are suitable for use in a variety of different environments and meet construction requirements. We work hard to ensure that our customers receive fantastic customer service and benefit from the skills and knowledge we have built up.

We manufacture clay sewer pipes for open trench installation; the primary offering is the plain-end Densleeve system which is available from DN100-300, with easy push-fit polypropylene couplings.

Denseal Plus is a high performance plain-end system for civil engineering projects with push-fit stainless steel sleeves.

Clay channel pipes and fittings are available from DN100-300.

Naylor Thermachem is the world’s leading thermal shock and chemical resistant vitrified clay drainage pipes and systems manufactured from Naylor’s unique material.

Extensive research and development have enabled us to specify, select and blend ceramic materials to withstand sudden temperature changes with substantial resistance to chemical attack.

We use the highest performance ceramics to manufacture components for use in specialist underground drainage systems and industrial applications.

Thermal Shock Properties

By far the biggest single threat to ceramic pipes in the process industry is temperature change.  When the pipeline is regularly subjected to a rapid change in temperature, the ceramic body can quickly be destroyed by thermal shock. Thermachem is the only ceramic material suitable for use in the areas which are subjected to intermittent discharges of hot and cold effluents such as hospital sterilization units, boiler blow down drainage, laboratories, food processing and beverage production drainage systems with temperature changes of up to 120 deg c.

Chemical Resistance

The legal obligations imposed upon companies by the Environmental Protection Act 1990 have resulted in increasing awareness of the potential discharge impact of industrial effluents into ground water or rivers.  This has led to an increasing trend for ‘worst-case’ scenarios to be designed into the structure of buildings such as food processing, pharmaceutical and research laboratories, hospitals and process plants.  This is especially applicable to drainage installed below the main floor slab, where repair or process amendment would prove prohibitively expensive.

Thermachem pipes and fittings can be used to handle most chemicals and aggressive discharges.

Thermachem Drainage

The Thermachem drainage system is approved to EN295-1 standards by both Benor and BSI. Thermachem pipes have the standard G type plain ended coupling system which allows it to be seamlessly connected to Naylor’s Densleeve range of standard vitrified clay pipes and fittings.

For use in Europe Thermachem is also approved to Benor.

The sub-pages of this section give further detail on the chemical resistance, applications, fittings available, design and installation of Thermachem drainage systems.

In addition you can find your local supplier, book a specialist drainage CPD presentation or view the product applications and case studies.

Thermachem Drainage – Technical Services

An in-house advisory service is able to help with problem-solving on most aspects of drainage and plant design.  For drainage projects, we prefer to be involved at the very early planning stage, working with the consulting engineers, chemical engineer, designers, works plant managers etc, to identify the effluent composition, concentration and temperature at each release point.  The full range of Naylor pipe systems can accommodate virtually all applications and conditions from domestic to the most aggressive of trade effluent at temperatures well above ambient.  Because of this, we are well qualified to advise on the specification of the most appropriate type of pipe and coupling, thus avoiding unnecessary onerous specifications and costs.

For further technical information contact our technical hotline on 01226 794056 or e-mail: