Thermachem Range

The Thermachem Chemical Clay Drainage System range includes a complete range of fittings and couplers all manufactured in the UK at our Barnsley facility with diameters from DN100 to DN500.

Our experience and expertise allow us to hand mold almost any size and shape required for your drainage system, if you can’t find what you require in our standard product range please contact us on 01226 794056 or with you requirements.

Through extensive research and development Naylor has developed a high performance clay mix and firing cycle to produce a dense ceramic material that provides excellent resistance to thermal shock and aggressive chemicals.

Thermal Shock

Thermal shock can cause cracks and fractures to appear in standard drainage materials leading to premature failure of drainage systems and potential leaks. Naylor Thermachem has been independently tested and can instantly handle a temperature gradient up to 120°C, meaning a standard pipeline with a temperature of 20°C can instantly handle effluent up to 140°C. Even higher temperatures can be handled if the temperature is increased gradually.

Chemical Resistance

Aggressive chemicals can corrode most types of standard drainage including plastic, clay, steel and concrete leading to potential leaks of hazardous waste. The dense make up of Naylor Thermachem material makes it highly resistant to a wide range of chemical effluents. The Thermachem chemical resistance chart details the resistance of Naylor Thermachem to a wide range of commonly used chemicals.

An overview of our standard product range is included below and can be seen in the Thermachem brochure which can be downloaded through the link on the right.

  • Bends
  • Junctions
  • Gullies
  • Hoppers
  • Channels
  • Standard Chemical coupling
  • Petroleum Chemical coupling
  • Full chemical coupling