Material Properties

The specially developed chemical stoneware used to manufacture Thermachem Drainage and Naylor’s industrial ceramics range is made from ball clay with added silica and alumina.

The mix is fired to higher temperatures than standard clay – up to 1,300°C – to create a dense ceramic material with a typical water absorption rate of less than 0.2%.

As a result, our standard Thermachem material has a number of properties that make it uniquely suited for use in aggressive environments.

Chemical Resistance

The Thermachem material is resistant to almost all acids and alkalis in the full pH range of 1 to 14, so does not suffer from corrosion when subjected to harsh chemicals on a regular basis.

Download the chemical resistance table to check the resistance of Thermachem and various coupling options to the chemicals used at your site. If the information you need is not listed, please contact our technical department for help.

Thermal Shock Resistance

The material can handle thermal shock of up to 120°C, meaning it will retain its structural integrity when handling the high-temperature effluents that are commonplace in process industries.

By way of comparison, standard clay pipes can handle 70°C of thermal shock, but are likely to crack if regularly exposed to greater temperature differences.

Maximum recommended effluent temperatures

Pipeline Temperature
System -10°C <0°C 10°C 20°C 30°C Maximum Safe Temperature Gradient
Thermachem 110°C 120°C 130°C 140°C 150°C 120°C
Standard Clayware 60°C 70°C 80°C 90°C 100°C 70°C


Naylor Thermachem material provides excellent all round resistance to aggressive chemicals making it a long-lasting future proof system.

It will not suffer from deformation and will retain its original strength, shape and size, together with its chemical and thermal shock resistant properties for its full life cycle.

High Strength

Naylor Thermachem is a high strength material that will not lose its strength characteristics during its lifetime.

For drainage applications, limited bedding material is required and it is ideal for use under heavily trafficked areas.

In industrial ceramics, the high strength and wear resistance ensure it can support large loads or aggressive environments during service.

Environmentally Friendly

Thermachem is manufactured from natural materials and has a low level of retained CO2.