Naylor Concrete are still able and willing to service your requirements.  Although we are not currently manufacturing product, we have a skeleton staff working safely on site and are in the fortunate position of having ample stocks.  We are therefore able to fulfil any deliveries that are required.

Please call either the usual office number 01226 320810 or Paul Wood direct on 07879 480679 with any orders or enquiries.

In response to the ever-changing building industry we offer a wide range of concrete lintels including:

  • Fair Faced
  • Fire Specification
  • High Strength
  • Economy
  • Bespoke Solutions
Features and Benefits
  • Widest range of Prestressed Concrete Lintels available from any UK manufacturer
  • Nationwide delivery service regardless of site location
  • Quality and consistency – Excellent quality control procedures in our modern and innovative factory guarantee achievement of strengths and fire tolerances
  • Simple pricing policy – You only pay per metre so there are no extra charges for a specific length*.
    * Conditions apply to lengths over 3.6m
  • All lintels are clearly marked, removing the risk of site building in the wrong lintel
  • Free technical support and help to anywhere in the UK
  • Free scheduling service
  • Technical Hotline (0800 5424192) and Backup service


The design of Naylor Prestressed Lintels complies with BS8110:part 1: 1997: Section 4.

Naylor Lintels conform to BSEN845 part 2: 2013.

Materials used in the manufacture of Naylor Prestressed Lintels comply with BSEN206:2013 and BS8500-1:2015. The prestressing wire complies with BS5896:2012.

Naylor Lintels have a low water absorption and as a result of the quality controlled hi spec dense concrete mix used in their manufacture, they can be used underground providing that the ends of the units are encased in a minimum of 45mm of mortar to the ends of the reinforcing strands.

All Naylor Lintels are wet cast and have a concrete strength of 50 kN/mm2.  They are suitable to accept fixings providing that the tendons contained inside the unit remain undamaged.

All fire rated lintels produced by Naylor Lintels comply with BS8110: table 4.3: section 2: 1985.

All L-Strip’s are manufactured from steel complying with BS EN10025 with a minimum yield stressed of 275 N/mm2.  Zinc coating is galvanised to BS2929z2.  Stainless Steel L-Strip’s are also produced conforming to grade 304:S15:BS1449: Part 2.

Compliance with Building Regulations Part L and Part E

Implementation of the amendments to part E and L of the Building Regulations came into force in 2002. Amongst the new measures it is required that the thermal bridging and fabric insulation be improved (part L) and the resistance to sound reverberation, especially at low frequencies, (Part E) be increased.

Compliance with the new regulations can easily be achieved using our range of lintels.

Scope of manufacture

Lintels can be manufactured to lengths up to 4800mm dependant upon the section size. Lintels can also be cast with inserts and channels. Please speak to our technical department for assistance.