Water Management

Stormwater management has become increasingly important in recent years, with climate change creating unexpected rainfall events resulting in localised flooding. Stormwater is the runoff from rooftops and roadways and other “sealed” surfaces and by its very nature it washes the area over which it travels picking up pollutants such as debris and hydrocarbons on its way. These pollutants have to be dealt with but also the volume of water has to be managed.

This management can take many forms; either by infiltration into the ground using soakaways or by attenuation (the temporary storage of the water until the storm has passed). Both these methods reduce the impact of storms on the UK’s beleaguered sewer system and help reduce flood risk dramatically adding to the sustainability of building schemes.

Naylor Environmental has a full range of tools available to help with this process. Whether it is in the form of porous surfaces such as reinforcement grids, reinforced turf or land drainage for infiltration:

Or, whether it is a more formal approach such as underground storage and stormwater improvement, Naylor Environmental has the range to suit.